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Identifying typologies among mums of pre-schoolers



To help inform strategic planning and understand appetite among consumers across their portfolio of brands, our client, a leading pre-school toy brand, hypothesised that mums of pre-schoolers could be classified into five typologies. However, it was unknown whether these hypothesised typologies actually existed and, if they did exist, how big each typology was within their key markets.



We conducted an online survey with mums of pre-school children in the UK and France to understand their toy buying habits. Importantly, this survey included a series of attitudinal statements which reflected the values and beliefs of the hypothesised typologies, allowing us to classify each mum who took part in the survey to the appropriate typology.



We validated the existence of the five typologies, and determined the sizes of each of the five typologies across the two markets of interest. Through profiling each of these typologies, we pinpointed the key characteristics and beliefs which define each type of mum. This knowledge allowed us to identify which of these typologies were most likely to buy into each of our client’s existing brands, and which presented the greatest opportunities for their potential future toy lines.