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Research with kids, young people and families made easy

Did you know…8 of 10 kids wished adults would speak to them more?

Do you need to speak directly with kids but are worried its too difficult, will take too long or will be too expensive?  

At Giraffe Insights we understand that not all questions businesses have need largescale research projects to answer them, but they do still need to speak directly to their consumer and fast!  

The Kaleidoscope Toolkit has everything from overnight polls, to fast turnaround exploratory sessions.  We even have our very own observation space, The Canopy Room, to help bring brands and kids together whenever they need it!

Kaleidoscope Toolkit

Find patterns unique to your brand through our menu of mini methodologies – and fast!


Picture Play

N=2 kids per session

An organic play study to allow brands to observe how kids interact with toys


Mini CEO’s

N=4 kids per session

Speak directly to kids about your brand and competitors – put them in the driving seat


Shelf it

N=4 kids per session

Observe how kids respond to your brand on the shelf – does it stand out or is it lost amongst others?


Nippy Numbers

N=150 kids or parents

A mini survey to answer a specific objective with quick turnaround


Idea Validator

N=100 kids or parents

A mini concept screener helping brands identify winning ideas


Next Day Delivery

N=100 parents

Ad hoc questions with results available the following day