In an era where entertainment knows no bounds, gaming stands as a colossus among modern forms of engagement. With a vast and ever-expanding audience, tapping into the gaming realm has become an indispensable strategy for brands aiming to connect with consumers, young and old alike. In light of this, we’ve identified how brands can harness the power of gaming to promote their products effectively.


Seamless Integration:

While COVID-19 wreaked havoc across industries, the gaming sector experienced unprecedented growth. With millions confined to their homes, demand for in-home entertainment surged, propelling gaming to new heights. Brands can capitalise on this trend by aligning with popular gaming platforms and reaching out to a captive audience. With gaming emerging as a dominant form of entertainment, it’s imperative for brands to seamlessly integrate themselves into the gaming experience. Whether through in-game placements, branded worlds, or advergaming, embedding brands into the gaming narrative fosters deeper engagement with consumers.


Know Your Audience, Choose Your Game:

For brands targeting a younger demographic, focusing on mainstream games is paramount. However, nostalgia holds sway over older audiences, making remakes a potent avenue for engagement. By aligning with the right gaming platforms and games themselves, brands can ensure their message resonates with the intended audience.


Stay Ahead of the Game:

The gaming industry is a dynamic landscape, constantly evolving with new trends and technologies. To remain relevant, brands must stay abreast of these changes, adapting their strategies to align with the latest trends and preferences. The streaming platform Twitch is a window into gaming trends, it serves as a barometer for gaming popularity, offering real-time insights into daily views and trends. Brands can utilise and leverage this platform to gauge the pulse of the gaming community and tailor their promotional efforts accordingly to the consumers’ needs and desires.


The Power of In-Game Branding:

Our proprietary research Kids And the Screen shows that in-game placements yield significantly higher brand recognition and recall compared to traditional advertising mediums. By showcasing branded products within the game environment, brands can subtly influence consumer perception and choice.


Roblox holds the key:

Roblox, with its diverse player base and gender-neutral appeal, emerged as a breakout star during the pandemic. Brands keen on staying ahead of the curve should invest in identifying and partnering with the ‘next Roblox’, seizing the opportunity to capture the attention of the next generation of gamers.


Gaming offers a fertile ground for brands to cultivate meaningful connections with consumers. By embracing the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, brands can unlock new avenues for product promotion, ensuring their message resonates with audiences across the digital landscape.