At this time of great uncertainty, it is unsurprising that for many of us, there are more questions than answers. Life as we knew it a few weeks ago has been turned on its head and we are now navigating our way through a new ‘everyday’ for us and our families. Significant days in the calendar are being re-imagined with many of us for Mother’s Day using platforms such as Apple FaceTime and Skype to stay connected with our loved ones. It’s not only family and friends where we are turning to virtual platforms in order to stay in touch, but businesses too are moving to the virtual world to keep teams and clients connected and we are no different here at Giraffe Insights. Its very much business as usual for us with a few exceptions, our face-to-face meetings have gone virtual and our qualitative research approaches have moved online. It’s at times like these we realise the impact and the evolution of the digital world and our ability to remain connected and carry on with ‘business as usual’ from an office that looks very different to what it once did!

Our homes are becoming hubs for all elements of our lives, they are our offices, our schools, our nurseries and our sanctuaries. As we all adhere to social distancing guidance, we are re-framing the day and the structure that it takes and as part of this looking to tools and packages that can help support and enhance our new way of life. As a part of our ongoing ‘Kids and the Screen’ and ‘Little Voices’ research we will be tracking the impact of the new ‘everyday’ on content consumption amongst kids and how parents spending habits may change at this time.

Understanding where we are now in terms of our attitudes, emotions and behaviours has never been more important, so that when we come out of the other side (and we will!), we are able to make the greatest success of the future, based on where we have been. Here at Giraffe Insights we want to work with our clients to help shine a light in a period of darkness, informing both how we act now and where we need to be in the future to ensure greatest success. Stay tuned for more from us and our latest insights. Information has never been so powerful.

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